Film History

Film History

Animals wrangled/trained:

"Interrogation" TVD
The New Tomorrow TVD
Whiskers TVC & Stills
Gas Cats TVC & Stills
50 Dogs for Pak'n'Save TVC
Vodafone Skijaring TVC
State Insurance TVC
Lotto TVC
Pfizer TVC
Many more TVC's 
Housing New Zealand Stills
Toyota Yarris Stills

We also made a TV Commercial for Pak n Save that required 50 dogs to perform at the same time and this was achieved without any problems.

Dulux TVC
Bridge to Terabithia FF - Walden Media/Walt Disney
Bird Flu TVD
Purex "Roly" Promotion
Lotto TVC
Fonterra TVC
Mainland TVC,
Purex 'Roly' TVC
What's your verdict TVD

The last nine Purex (Rolly dog) TV Commercials
The Dulux TV Commercials
Whiskers Cat Food TV commercials

Also of note was the Air NZ TV Commercials which was a Babe re-enactment with a horse, cow, Rooster, Dog, pig, goose, two sheep and some ducklings all standing on the veranda of a house.

Previous work up to 2004 Animals wrangled/trained

Perfect Creature FF Cats and Rat
Shortland St TVD Dog
Pet Detectives TVD Dogs, Cat, Rabbits, Bird
Purex (shopping trolley) TVC Rolly dogs & other dog
(Previous to this had made the maze and the noughts & crosses TVC's for purex)
Genesis Power TVC/Stills Horse, pig, goose & cow
Pink Batts TVC/Stills Dog
Dulux TVC Dog
AMI Insurance (wedding) TVC/Stills Dog
Plus many, many more TVC's, music videos and still shoots (which include packaging for Tux, Champ & Optimum dog foods)
Other work in past years that we have done is as follows:
Kids World FF Hero Dog and small animals
No One Can Hear You FF Dog
Vector File FF Dog
Whale Rider FF Horses & Dog
The Bunker FF Dog
Savage Honeymoon FF Dog
Murder in Greenwich TVF Dogs
I Love Lucy TVF Dogs
Shortland St TVD Dogs, Rat
Mercy Peak TVD Dogs
Jacksons Wharf TVD Dog (Hero)
Being Eve TVD Hero Dog & small animals
Lawless 2 TVD Dogs
Lawless 3 TVD Dogs

At Agrade Animals we pride ourselves on making animal training and wrangling safe, simple, easy, and an enjoyable experience!